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Japanese gourmet restaurant


At the gourmet restaurant Kaiseki, Chef Matthieu Dupuis Baumal and Chef Kazunari Noda propose daring cuisine with unexpected and explosive alliances. A brand new place of gastronomy where the guest travels through the plate. This Japanese gourmet restaurant inspired by the Kyoto region, Japan’s gastronomic capital, combines modern and elegant cuisine with Japanese and European notes. 

Lovers of Japanese cuisine, when would you succumb to Kaiseki ?

La Carte JaponaisKAISEKI
Chef Matthieu Dupuis Baumal and Chef Kazunari Noda propose a unique menu every month. The Omakase menu is a traditional menu that gives way to the inspirations of our chefs as the seasons change. Omakase means "I leave it to you". We like to keep the content of our menu a mystery. However, both on the phone and on site, we can lift it before dinner starts if you wish. We will also always accommodate food allergies, intolerances or dislikes if they are notified in advance.
Omakase Menu - The great journey
165 €
Only evening
The Amuse Bouche
japanese surprise
Hassun in 9 services

An explosion of flavors with 9 small bites
Umami and the other taste are mixed up


Served with binchotan

Desserts assortment
Opening hours
From Tuesday evening to Saturday evening
From 7.30pm to 8.30pm (only evening)
For booking, contact us at +334 84 930 930
or by mail at